5 remaining free agents with Steelers connections desperate for a chance

Free agents out there are getting desperate for a job as training camp approaches. Plenty have past connections to the Steelers.
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As time passes, players who remain free agents see any potential opportunity to play this season dwindle. Some might wait closer to training camp to decide to play or not, while others hope to get a call to keep their career from running out of time. Plenty of remaining free agents have prior connections to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

We will see if a reunion happens with some of the remaining free agents, while others might have to find a spot elsewhere or their careers in the NFL could be coming to a close.

Patrick Peterson (2023)

Many have speculated about Patrick Peterson and his potential reunion with the Steelers this season.

It made sense for a while, but that has fallen apart since the now-suspended Cam Sutton was signed during mini-camp. We will see what happens, but the veteran defensive back will need to lean on being a versatile player to extend his playing days. He has been outspoken about wanting to play this year, so we will see if that is in Pittsburgh or elsewhere.

Peterson remains a big name in free agency, and it seems he has a couple of options out there to play this season. With Sutton being suspended for eight weeks, it seems like Peterson could be a viable option to replace him.

Mason Cole (2022-2023)

It has only been a couple of months, but the Steeler's situation at center has completely changed since their last regular season game.

Mason Cole was the starting center for Pittsburgh since 2022, and it was a time of poor play in the middle of the trenches. Cole dealt with injury at points during his time with the Steelers, but he couldn't find a quality level of play. He should be good enough as an experienced depth guy in the middle of an offensive line somewhere.

It would be shocking if Cole was unable to find a job. If injuries pile up for Pittsburgh, he could be their first phone call.

Kwon Alexander (2023)

Everything was going great for Kwon Alexander and the Steelers before he suffered a season-ending injury.

He is working his way back from that injury and should be good to go by training camp. If a team is ready to add a quality linebacker to the middle of their defense for cheap, then Alexander is their guy. He could always be an option for Pittsburgh if they suffer an injury or two in camp. Both Alexander and the Steelers did well with each other, so a reunion is always possible.

Matt Feiler (2015-2020)

A little bit of a throwback here as Matt Feiler is struggling to find a job heading toward training camp.

He worked his way up the ranks in Pittsburgh and became a starter at tackle and guard during his time with the Steelers. Feiler remains a guard and left Pittsburgh after signing a big contract with the LA Chargers in the free agency class of 2021. He became a cap casualty in 2023 and found himself in Tampa Bay this past season.

Feiler has a ton of starting experience in the NFL, but he is getting older and has shown an inability to stay healthy in recent years.

Chandon Sullivan (2023)

Another member of the Steelers secondary from last season who remains a free agent.

With Sutton out of the fold, it seems like Pittsburgh will stick with the guys they could be in the market for a proven slot cornerback like Chandon Sullivan. If the depth pieces on the roster cannot prove themselves, then Sullivan could get a call about a potential return. He is not the best slot cornerback in the NFL, but he has a ton of starting experience. Sullivan played well down the stretch last year.

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