5 Steelers draft prospects who would be impossible to pass up in round one

Jalen Carter, Steelers
Jalen Carter, Steelers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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4. Christian Gonzalez has too much talent to potentially slip in the draft

One of the top 30 visits to the steel city was Christian Gonzalez out of Oregon. The Steelers were not able to attend his pro day so many believed that the interest was not there from this organization. That is not to say that Pittsburgh never had interest, but they probably imagine Gonzalez being long gone by the time they make their selection.

Bringing him into the facility for a tour does not mean that hopes should be heightened for him slipping all the way to 17. He is a great cornerback in this draft, and many have him as their top player at the position. No matter if he has a shot at falling or not, it still makes a lot of sense for this team to do their due diligence on this corner.

They would surely love to select Gonzalez in round one, but it would cost an arm and a leg to have the opportunity to select him. The Steelers prefer to do this to any prospect so they can get to know the person some rather than just the player. Potential free agency implications are also thought of with these types of players that could come aboard years down the line if they cannot be picked in the draft.