5 Steelers draft prospects who would be impossible to pass up in round one

Jalen Carter, Steelers
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3. Myles Murphy is an interesting option that is not getting a lot of attention

A bigger name that has not been getting a ton of media attention lately is Myles Murphy out of Clemson. He was mocked in the top five by plenty of experts earlier in the pre-draft process. His name has seemingly fallen out of the light some recently for one reason or another. He held his own private pro day recently since he got healthy enough to perform, and he had a great workout in front of plenty of teams in attendance.

Murphy is another interesting defender that the Steelers have a long pre-draft relationship with. Pittsburgh sent the house to the Clemson pro day, which made a lot of sense because there are a ton of NFL prospects. Murphy and a couple of his teammates had dinner with Mike Tomlin and the rest of the top brass for the black and gold.

Murphy would be a shocking pick in the first round of the upcoming draft. The Steelers have top edge rushers, and it seems reckless to take one this high for a depth role. Unless Alex Highsmith would not be extended as many presume, this pick would not make sense. Murphy is a talented player and athletic freak, but this might be too rich for the Steelers with the position this prospect plays.