5 Steelers draft prospects who would be impossible to pass up in round one

Jalen Carter, Steelers
Jalen Carter, Steelers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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2. Jalen Carter would be a massive gamble for the Steelers in the first round

We have reached the hot button topic portion of the article as many have started taking Jalen Carter off their boards entirely across the NFL. Some still have this prospect high on their board as he possesses a ton of talent coming into the league. The Steelers have seemingly gotten rid of all their headcases from the locker room finally, but they have not shied away from players like this before.

Carter is showing a ton of red flags throughout his pre-draft trials to try and impress teams. Thus far, this defensive tackle has done the exact opposite of what a top NFL prospect should do leading up to the draft. He has gotten into a ton of legal trouble off the field, tested poorly during his workouts, and has done badly in his interviews with clubs across the NFL.

Tomlin seems to have interest in taking some gambles on players that have some character concerns in the past. Carter would be his biggest task yet, but there are a lot of issues to comb through with this player. It is completely possible that the Steelers have taken him off their board entirely, but the talent is hard to ignore when you watch Carter play.