5 Steelers draft prospects who would be impossible to pass up in round one

Jalen Carter, Steelers
Jalen Carter, Steelers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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1. Paris Johnson Jr. is the guy everyone wants the Steelers to draft this year

The dream scenario for the Steelers during the first night of the draft is watching Paris Johnson Jr. find a way to slip all the way to pick 17. Many would not be opposed to moving up to select him by completing a trade. It would take a lot of assets to move up high enough to select the top offensive tackle of this draft class.

Writing has been written all over the walls with the type of interest that the Steelers have for this player. Johnson is a top left tackle in this class and the club desperately wants to fix that issue once and for all. Trading up might be the most realistic scenario, but there is a chance that this organization will just wait until their pick and see where things stand.

When you play different scenarios in mock drafts, it is almost impossible to imagine a tackle like this falling to Pittsburgh's choice. Out of each prospect in this class, this offensive lineman might be the one that the black and gold cherish the most. They had dinner with him and some of his other fellow teammates. It is likely that the Steelers will never come close to selecting him as many clubs need an answer at tackle.

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