5 Steelers Legends we wish we could bring back in their prime in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v New York Jets
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#2 Troy Polamalu, Stong Saftey

Well, why would you not bring back Troy? If you could, it would be a no-brainer. Polamalu was no ordinary football player and perhaps not even an ordinary mortal, which may be beside the point. Still, whatever the case, Polamalu could instantaneously transform the 2023 Steelers into immediate Superbowl contenders.

Just imagine Polamalu at strong safety and Minkah Fitzpatrick at free safety. Predicting what would happen on the field is hard, but it would be nothing less than dynamic. Not simply because Troy was a good football player, he had instincts that no other player ever had. Some teammates claimed Jesus gave him directions on the field. Doubtful, but how else can one explain his uncanny ability to improvise on the fly at the right time and make a huge play? If it wasn't Jesus whispering in his ear, perhaps he was bitten by a radioactive spider. That would explain a great many things about Troy Polamalu.  

Then factor in his unique athletic ability. He had blazing speed. He could leap the offensive line and sack the quarterback, his timing was that good. He could make one-handed interceptions because his coordination was that perfect. Not only would he make magical things happen with Minkah Fitzpatrick, but his unique abilities would also make Peterson and Porter that much better.    

Do not ever doubt Mike Tomlin would love for Troy to be able to put on the pads and stroll back out onto the field. Having a player like Polamalu gives a coach so many options; then again, good luck finding a player like Troy Polamalu. It is tragic for anyone born after 2003. You're stuck having to go back and watch youtube to see how good Troy was. In any event, if Troy was the one player we could bring back, there is no doubt the Steelers could have a complete team to make a Superbowl run.