5 Steelers to pay close attention to tonight vs Bills in Preseason Week 2

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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It is another week for this running back to prove himself to the Steelers

There were mixed results when it came to the play of the offensive line against the Bus last week. They struggled in snapping and protecting the passer overall. They did a better job at run blocking in certain areas of the game. There is still a long way to go before this unit and their depth can be crowned the next great thing.

Najee Harris seemed to struggle on the ground and catching the ball. He could not find much room and that could be tallied against the protection more than just Harris not seeing the field well. Jaylen Warren remains a spark to this offense as he finds different ways to gain yardage with the ball in his hands.

Even though many experts thought there would be a reasonable competition for the final running back spot on the final roster there really hasn't been. Anthony McFarland Jr. has blown away the competition with his great training camp performances. He has also carried that over into the first preseason game where he showed good vision and burst.

Fans should expect another solid performance by McFarland, especially if he gets a bulk of carries in his direction. It seems like the club will try and steer away from giving Harris or Warren too many carries this preseason. That should lead to McFarland and other backs behind him more looks. Expect this player to have another solid performance in week two.

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