5 Steelers that could be reunited with the team in 2023

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2. The Steelers could break the bank for Javon Hargrave

If money didn’t matter, I would think that a Javon Hargrave reunion with the Steelers would make the most sense on this list. He helped create a dominant defensive line when he was here and provided this defense with consistent run and pass disruptions. He signed a healthy deal with the Eagles following his contract expiring.

The reason money is such an issue is due to his recent play. Hargrave consistently was a disrupter for the Eagles, and he really broke out last season. He will commend big money as a free agent, and he has likely priced himself out of what the Steelers could afford.

While I would love this reunion on paper, that big of a contract for a player that is best served as a nose tackle seems unlikely. While the team could certainly expand how they use him, he likely wants to be in a defense where his talents can be used best. That wasn’t with the Steelers. Add in his likely huge contract and the cards don’t seem to be on the table. That said, it isn’t impossible.