5 Steelers that have vastly improved their play after a poor start to the season

  • Elandon Roberts is finally thriving
  • Darnell Washington is starting to get caught up to the speed
  • Najee Harris has been able to rebound with a resurgence

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Mason Cole still isn't perfect for Pittsburgh, but he has improved

Not everything goes to plan when you chalk certain things up as a potential success. The offensive line for the Steelers was seen as a group that had depth and improved over the offseason. Pittsburgh needed to upgrade that area of their team to get their run game moving in the right direction. Most thought that did happen and that the group would be solid.

Sadly, they had a terrible start to the year and struggled for a while. Just like last season, it seemed like a portion of the year needed to be a period of getting acclimated across the trenches for the black and gold. The group as a whole has rebounded in the past several weeks, which was kickstarted by Broderick Jones taking over as the starter at right tackle.

Jones has seemingly boosted that group to new heights and that includes someone like Mason Cole. He could still be on his way out of Pittsburgh after this season concludes, but he has improved since his slow start. He was one of the worst starting centers in the NFL to begin the season, but he has slowly been able to get better in recent weeks.

Cole is playing for his job in Pittsburgh right now, and he has to show some quality snaps moving forward. The Steelers will have no other choice than to look at center upgrades unless Cole knocks their socks off to conclude the remainder of this season. He has gotten better overall, but he should be able to get to another level if he wants to remain the starting center.