5 teams that could alter Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 draft plans

Steelers, Joey Porter Jr.
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Bears, Titans, and Jets could foil Steelers OT plans

Opting for a Tackle in 2023 could be riskier for the Steelers because tackles are a premium position, as every team needs a good one to protect their quarterback. The problem is that while there are a few quality first-round options and numerous teams that need one. In the hunt for a tackle, the primary teams that could upend the Steelers' plans to take one will not be the Patriots, despite the fact they could use one. The three teams that impact the Steelers' plan for a tackle are Chicago s  electing at 9, Tenessee’s at pick 11, and the Jets in the number 13 spot.

Of the available tackles, Paris Johnson is likely the first one off the board at worst, the 2nd. Neary, all mock drafts have him off the board no later than round 15. We know the Steelers like Johnson; getting him is another matter. While Johnson would be an excellent protector for Pickett, they would have to trade up. In the scheme of things, this could be worse for the Steelers. Why burn your draft capital to get just one player when you can still get all the help you need between the first and second-round selections?

So as tempting as trading for Johnson would be, it’s not the smart play. So assuming targeting Johnson is a lost cause, you then have the potential of Peter Skoronski or Boderick Jones. Again it’s unlikely either of them will make it past the Titans or Jets. However, the wild card factor is the Bears. While many project them to take a tackle, that’s not a foregone conclusion.

If Jalen Carter falls as some suspect, the Bears could take him at nine, defensive lineman Lukas Van Ness could potentially fall to them, or they could hazard a chance on wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba but if the Bears opt to pass on a tackle, then things get interesting. Then possibly, Johnson goes to the Titans, and the Jets then get either Skoronski or Jones leaving one available at pick 17 unless the Patriots surprise everyone by taking a tackle over a cornerback.