5 teams that could alter Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 draft plans

Steelers, Joey Porter Jr.
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Steelers options if other teams take their offensive tackle

So what are the Steelers options if the Bears, Titans, or Jets do not pass on a tackle? Well, another player we know on their radar is Dawand Jones. While Jones could be a superb tackle in the NFL, he is a marginal first-round talent. There is only a 30% chance he even gets drafted in the first round. Still marginal or not he still could go to the Steelers at 17 if they want him, and they think they can get a corner at 17 like, say, Ringo or Banks.

A preferable option is to get either Porter, Banks, or Cam Smith at 17 and take Dawand Jones at 32. However, that said a slightly better option could be Anton Harrison. He has slightly better odds of going in the first round and has close to a 90% chance of being on the board at pick 17. After that, his chances of being around for pick 32 go down a bit. So he could be a possibility.

Another plausible option is Darnell Wright, as he is a potential, highly touted first-round draft pick. He has been selected slightly 85% of the time in mock drafts and is generally on the board at pick 17. He could be a healthy alternative if the Steelers are determined to take a tackle with this pick. Though if they want him at 32, those chances go way down.

One Wild card could be Cody Mauch, the tackle from North Dakota State. While a marginal first-round selection at best, some NFL analysts have thrown his name around as someone who could factor into the first round. His upside is he has had experience in nearly every offensive line position, meaning if needed, he could play center in a pinch and has a lot of versatility which is helpful in case of injuries to the offensive line.