5 teams the Pittsburgh Steelers have the best record against in NFL history

  • The NFC South should be scared of the Steelers
  • One uncommon opponent might as well throw in the towel before kickoff

Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin
Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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2. Atlanta Falcons

Here's another uncommon opponent that the Steelers have bullied throughout their history. There's something about the NFC South that has these contests feeling like a cakewalk for Pittsburgh.

Since 1966, the Steelers have lost just two games against the Atlanta Falcons -- one of which came in a 38-41 overtime defeat back in 2006. Still, Pittsburgh is 15-2-1 all-time against the Falcons, and you won't find many head-to-head records in the NFL more lopsided than this one.

This gives Pittsburgh a win percentage of 86.1 percent when facing Atlanta. Despite competent quarterback play with Matt Ryan over the years, Pittsburgh has come away unscathed. They are 13-1-1 against the Falcons since their loss in 1970, and Atlanta just can't find a way to get the best of them in this matchup.

Unless they get matched up with Atlanta for the out-of-conference game based on NFL standings, the Steelers won't face the Falcons again until 2026. By this time, these two teams could look totally different. Anything can happen, but it's safe to say these head-to-head contests have been anything but competitive.