5 teams who could steal Steelers top targets in the 2023 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft, Steelers
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Chicago could either be a trade candidate or spoil the fun in Pittsburgh

Reports have been circulating recently that Omar Khan has been in contact with the Chicago Bears about a potential trade-up in the draft. That would be a bold move for the Steelers first year general manager, but he has not shied away from the spotlight throughout the offseason. If someone like Paris Johnson Jr. slipped to the Bears top pick at ninth overall, Pittsburgh would be foolish to not at least attempt to move up.

Chicago on the other hand would be foolish to not take Johnson themselves with pick nine at their disposal. unless they could fleece the black and gold. That is likely to not happen especially after what Khan did to the Bears in the Chase Claypool trade a handful of months ago. Would Chicago be so foolish to be fleeced again by the Steelers and give up a potential franchise left tackle? Only time will tell.

Interest in moving up is one thing, but pulling the trigger is another. It is unlikely that Pittsburgh would give up a king’s ransom to trade up that far in the draft for one player. They have moved up ten slots before to get a player, but that bit them when they picked Devin Bush. Johnson is a safe pick overall, but it would be insane for the Bears to pass him up at that juncture.

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