5 things the Steelers need to do with the NFL Draft over

Pittsburgh Steelers guard Kevin Dotson (69)
Pittsburgh Steelers guard Kevin Dotson (69) / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Steelers need to upgrade the running back depth

The Steelers have made it very clear as to what their intentions are this season for their offense. With Pickett entering his second season, the team wants to put the focus on their running game headlined by Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren.

The focus has been getting more physical along the offensive line which should in turn open holes for both running backs. With the focus being so heavily on establishing a dominant run game, this team needs to have ample depth. If the team were to lose either of their backs, they need a capable third option to handle the load.

There are two directions this team should go. They could target a smaller and quicker back to complement this power run game. They have an option in Anthony McFarland, but he hasn’t proven to be a great pro to this point.

Who may really make a lot of sense is a return with Benny Snell. While Snell is far from a great player, he is a safe runner that can pick up some tough yards. He is also a plus special teams option that has become a proven commodity there.

The team has quite a few free agent options and finding a better third back now makes sense. They can get acclimated to the offense and settle into their role. It won’t be a huge name, but landing a better third-string running back makes sense right now.