5 things the Steelers need to do with the NFL Draft over

Pittsburgh Steelers guard Kevin Dotson (69)
Pittsburgh Steelers guard Kevin Dotson (69) / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Steelers need to secure a third quarterback

The Steelers are old school with their quarterback room, as they like to carry four into training camp and three during the season. As of this writing, this team only has three names on the roster, and one of them was a recently signed undrafted player.

While finding a capable third quarterback doesn’t seem like a huge deal, this team usually has quite the rotation through camp and the preseason. There are a lot of new parts to this offense, so having a capable depth that can still help these new players get acclimated to this offense is a must.

There aren’t a lot of great names in free agency left, but they can pick a lower-tier name that has some pro experience for the minimum. While some have floated out Mason Rudolph, he won’t be viable unless they can sign him for the veteran minimum, as they are already paying quite a bit for Mitchell Trubisky to be the backup.

The XFL also has a few names that would make sense. While I do like Tanner Morgan and think he could develop into a capable backup, a fourth body needs to be brought into camp to keep this offense humming. As well, if an injury were to occur, having a more experienced name already in the system is a must. The team needs to be working on getting this issue resolved soon.