5 way too early potential Steelers roster cuts for the upcoming 2024 offseason

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A veteran receiver could struggle to adjust accordingly to this club

One of the more notable moves this offseason by the Steelers was trading for Allen Robinson from the LA Rams. They were able to acquire the veteran receiver for little to nothing and LA agreed to pay for most of his salary. It was a win-win for Pittsburgh as there was little risk and a high upside to the trade gamble that they made.

One should have some red flags going off when they look at Robinson and where he is at in his career. He heads into this season with two down years and that is not always the most promising thing to see for an older player. He will turn 30 years old in August during the start of training camp. He should be able to have his best shot to revitalize his career with Pittsburgh.

There are a lot of pieces on this offense that should allow for plenty to benefit from. Robinson will get a lot of different looks that should be favorable to him. It will be interesting to see how the coaches deploy him throughout the pre-season and beyond. One would have to imagine that this vet will get a decent number of targets in the slot.

If this season is a wash and Robinson is not able to show any signs of improvement from his past two seasons of production, then this is a one-off. The Steelers could cut him this upcoming offseason and gain roughly ten million dollars from his release. Unless Robinson knocks their socks off this year, it would be an easy decision to cut Robinson with those kinds of savings.