5 way too early potential Steelers roster cuts for the upcoming 2024 offseason

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A known commodity on the defensive line could become expendable

Perhaps the biggest shocker in this article could be the release of Larry Ogunjobi this offseason. It might seem like madness at this juncture, but things could turn out of his favor if certain situations play out. The Steelers have a well-rounded group across the defensive line, and that should hold true for most of the year.

Keeanu Benton is someone that could bring Ogunjobi's future into question with the club. He will have a big role at nose tackle but will likely play a chunk of snaps at defensive tackle as well. His production as a rookie will be the litmus test when it comes to the potential of Ogunjobi becoming more of an expendable piece or not.

Another thing that could derail his place in Pittsburgh besides younger players becoming standouts could be injury issues. He has dealt with those problems even as recently as last season when he played through an injury the entire year. He is healthy now, but his injury history could create some concerns going into the upcoming campaign.

When it comes to the potential financial benefit of releasing Ogunjobi in the 2024 offseason, the savings would be significant. Cutting him would save the team a little over six million bucks that they could use elsewhere. Again, this might not be likely but if he suffers injuries and Benton comes on strong, he could become a cap casualty.