5 Worst Pittsburgh Steelers teams of all time

  • Chuck Noll and Joe Greene weren't immune to embarrassment
  • A forgettable mashup during WWII was a complete failure

Steelers, Earl Gros
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1. 1969 Steelers (1-13)

With so many bad seasons early in the history of the franchise, it's almost inconceivable that the very worst Pittsburgh Steelers team would be one that included Hall of Famers like head coach Chuck Noll and Defensive Player of the Year Joe Greene. However, we can honestly say that this might be the case.

While they would later take the world by storm with the Steel Curtain defense to become one of the best dynasties in NFL history, the 1969 Steelers were a dumpster fire. In Noll's first season as head coach, the Steelers finished with a cringeworthy 1-13 record.

Of 16 teams, they finished 15th in scoring and 16th in points allowed -- giving up 28.9 per contest. What's worse is that their only victory came in a 16-13 slugfest against the Detroit Lions. They would lose 13 straight games from here, including a two-game stretch against the Vikings and Cardinals in which they were outscored 24-99.

We know how the story went eventually. In three years time, Chuck Noll turned the Steelers into an 11-3 team that would go on to win 4 Super Bowls in the 1970s, while Joe Greene would go down as one of the best defenders in NFL history. However, the 1969 Pittsburgh Steelers might be the very worst team in the history of one of the league's best franchises.

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