6 biggest observations from Steelers training camp practices

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Steelers, Steelers training camp
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Kenny Pickett looks significantly more comfortable than he did in 2022

This was to be expected, but Kenny Pickett looks immensely more comfortable than he did this time last year. In 2022, I spent a few days in Latrobe observing Steelers training camp practices. As a rookie last year, Pickett got off to a rough start. He seemed more apt to check the ball down underneath or simply go to his first read.

This year, Pickett is overflowing with confidence at Steelers camp. Now firmly in the driver's seat as the team's starting quarterback, he does not have to worry about playing mistake-free football. By doing so, he has really made strides.

While observing Kenny Pickett during practices this year, it's clear that he looks more comfortable in the pocket. When he is forced to avoid pressure from the pocket closing in, Pickett isn't looking to tuck and run. Rather, he's been excellent at keeping eyes down the field while eluding the rush. This has often resulted in making a big play down the sidelines.

Pickett also seems to have much better chemistry with his starting wide receivers this year, and his timing and accuracy are both much-improved. Kenny Pickett certainly seems to be poised for a big second-year leap and it was comforting to witness first-hand how confident he looked at Steelers training camp.