6 biggest observations from Steelers training camp practices

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George Pickens is notably more talented than every other WR at Steelers camp

You've probably discovered this on your own by now, but for those who haven't, allow me to confidently tell you that George Pickens is notably more talented than every other wide receiver on the Steelers roster. This was as plain as day to see.

Contrary to what some football fans outside of the organization might think, Pickens is not just a receiver who will make the occasional spectacular catch or push off to clear space. He has the makings of a bonafide WR1 in the NFL with just a little fine-tuning. During practices, this was abundantly clear.

Pickens seemed to be the favorite option of Kenny Pickett. As long as the ball is within his vicinity, Pickens has an excellent chance of coming down with it. As opposed to the 2022 season, Pickens was used routinely across the middle of the field at practice. However, his bread and butter is the back-shoulder pass. This allows him to use his acrobatic physical gifts and remarkable ball-tracking to come down with the reception.

Even though Diontae Johnson is the best route-runner of the group, Pickens appears to be the go-to guy, and you expect him to reel in just about everything that's thrown to him. We could very well see a paradigm shift in the passing game, and Pickens could soon become the biggest receiving threat on this team. He was dominant during practice.