6 biggest observations from Steelers training camp practices

  • The good and bad with Darnell Washington
  • How much work does Broderick Jones still need?

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Broderick Jones still has a lot of work to do

I was a big fan of the Broderick Jones selection for the Pittsburgh Steelers this past April, but one thing that worried me is how raw he was at Georgia. Based on what I witnessed in Latrobe, it's safe to say that he's not quite there yet.

At times, Jones looked really good. During 11 on 11s, the rookie OT did an excellent job when the Steelers were running the football. He showed the ability to seal off pass rushers and make his way to the second level to land his assignment.

Unfortunately, Jones was exposed in true pass sets. The young offensive tackle would oftentimes lunge forward to get a punch on the pass rusher or was late off the snap. This resulted in several ugly reps that left us cringing at what we just witnessed.

Growing pains were expected from a rookie offensive tackle who had just one full year of starting experience in college. I was hoping that I would have seen a bit more encouraging performance over the weekend from Broderick Jones. We aren't going to be hitting the panic button anytime soon, but he might be further away from a starting job right now than we were hoping.