6 receivers the Steelers must sign to replace Diontae Johnson

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley (0)
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Steelers could sign Cedric Wilson

Another name I have talked about a few times this offseason, Cedric Wilson made sense to join this team as a depth receiver capable of playing in the slot. Like Jefferson, Wilson can also play on the outside, but he is better suited to play the Z. That said he can wear a few different hats for an offense.

Wilson looked like a player on the rise during his final season with Dallas, and it landed him a moderate-sized contract with the Dolphins. That move never panned out. Despite the Dolphins' offense being one of the best this past season, Wilson was an afterthought. That said, he could fit in well for the Steelers.

His lack of playing time will likely lead his next contract to be far cheaper than his last one. He can slot into one of the starting receiver roles with the flexibility to play in the slot. Like Jefferson, your goal should be to draft a receiver and have Wilson shift into that third receiver role.

As well, you have the benefit of NFL bloodlines with Wilson, something the Steelers love in their rostered players. On top of this, his dad had a stint in Pittsburgh, furthering the ties. It wouldn’t resolve all of the issues at hand, but Wilson could be a cheap addition to this room and help replace Johnson.