6 Steelers fans must watch during their first preseason game vs Buccaneers

Steelers, Steelers training camp
Steelers, Steelers training camp / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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All eyes will be on the Steelers starting quarterback this pre-season

No matter how you look at this game, all eyes will be focused on the starters during this contest. Kenny Pickett will always have a magnify glass over him and the potential of his progress in year two in the league. Fans are expecting a jump in his second go-around, and he should be able to help this offense show signs of improvement.

Mike Tomlin just had his first press conference leading up to this game against the Bucs and did not set a snap count for the quarterback. He wants to go based off performance and stated that younger quarterbacks normally need more pre-season snaps. Pickett has shown signs of improvement in training camp during the early goings of this process.

The NFL is a quarterback driven league and if you don't have a good one then your team is going to suffer the consequences. It is unlikely that the Steelers show much of their offensive scheme in this game, but they will hopefully show signs of moving the ball down the field consistently. plays will probably be simple, and it will be up to the players to make plays happen.

No matter what position people are interested in watching in this first pre-season game of 2023, quarterback will be on top of their list. Pickett is the closest thing to a direct link to the outcome of Pittsburgh's upcoming season as anyone on the team. It is either sink or swim with the Pitt product and the club believes they will finish at the top.