6 Steelers players who will make must-see TV on HBO's Hard Knocks

These Steelers players are sure to soak up screen time and steal the show on Hard Knocks in 2024.
New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The NFL confirmed that the Pittsburgh Steelers will make their first-ever appearance on HBO's Hard Knocks during the 2024 season as they will be joined by the rest of the AFC North. Dating back to Bill Cowher's tenure, Hard Knocks has been airing every year since 2001, and this team has been able to avoid the spotlight... until now.

While some fans will be quick to call Hard Knocks a distraction, others will be eating up every chance to see their favorite team behind the scenes. Fans want to get a closer look at the players and coaches and how they interact with each other.

Over the years, we have seen some big personalities from players on other teams featured on Hard Knocks. With the cameras following the team this year, here are six Pittsburgh Steelers who will make must-see TV on HBO's Hard Knocks in 2024.

6. Joey Porter Jr., CB

We all know how big of a personality Joey Porter had; now fans are anxious to see if Joey Porter Jr. is as confident as his father. During his rookie season, Porter already started to develop a reputation thanks to his physicality at the cornerback position. Steelers fans will be interested to see how his personality stands out behind the scenes.

5. Cameron Heyward, DL

The veteran-most leader of the Steelers and long-time fan favorite, this will be our first (and perhaps only) chance to watch Cam Heyward interact with teammates and coaches behind closed doors. Heyward is entering a contract situation, so the friction between himself and the organization could add a dimension of drama to the situation.

4. Najee Harris, RB

From what we've seen of Najee Harris, the Steelers running back has one of the biggest personalities on the team. After he had his fifth-year option declined, it's possible that his demeanor could change in a contract year. Najee's boisterous personality should make for great TV on Hard Knocks this year.

3. T.J. Watt, EDGE

You can't have a show without the star. While T.J. Watt may not be the type to hog the spotlight, you can bet that we will be getting a deep inside look at Pittsburgh's best player of this generation. HBO is about to give us a great look at an all-time fan-favorite player.

2. Russell Wilson, QB

Everyone talks about how cringy Russell Wilson can be at times, and we are here for it. Steelers fans will kick back with their popcorn and wait for the Michael Scott-like moments. As the team's starting quarterback and one of the most well-known names, Wilson is sure to have a lot of screen time on HBO's Hard Knocks, and things could get awkward.

1. George Pickens, WR

There are so many different things to watch for every time George Pickens is shown on Hard Knocks. What is his personality like behind the scenes? Can he keep his attitude in check? Is this a player for which the Steelers can fork up a massive contract next offseason? Pickens is one of the most exciting players on the team and his unpredictable personality could make him the star of HBO's Hard Knocks in 2024.