7 highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL (updated 2023)

  • Buyer's remorse for a pair of underwhelming quarterbacks?
  • A steal of a deal for the Kansas City Chiefs

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
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1. Lamar Jackson: $52 million per year

Coming in at number one on the list is a player who was at the center of attention during the 2022 offseason. Lamar Jackson was clearly unhappy with his situation, and some thought that he and the Ravens would have a falling out beyond repair.

However, John Harbaugh made it clear that he had no intentions of moving on from his franchise quarterback, and even without an agent, they eventually made Jackson the highest-paid player in the NFL. His $52 million in average annual earnings broke an NFL record.

Jackson is capable of great things, and he already has an MVP under his belt. However, this requires him to be healthy and present -- something he hasn't been able to do over the past two seasons.

In both 2021 and 2022, Jackson played in only 12 of 17 games each and his prodction has really come back down to earth after an incredible first three seasons. Still, we are talking about a quarterback who has a record of 45-16 as a starter. The Ravens are confident that he could lead them to a Super Bowl, and for that money, he better deliver in the playoffs.

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