7 potential Kenny Pickett replacements if the Steelers QB continues to struggle

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Perhaps Jared Goff could become available if the Lions find an upgrade

One team with high expectations entering the season has been the Detroit Lions. They started off the season with a bang against the Kansas City Chiefs. They have a strong team, but injuries are already starting to become a factor for them. Quarterback play has not been their weak spot as Jared Goff has been able to find a new lease on life in the Motor City.

The LA Rams were desperate to make a trade for Mathew Stafford and Goff was just a cap dump at the time. Detroit has been able to turn that trade capital into a team with a contentious appetite and Goff is helping the Lions achieve many things. This season will be huge for him and Detroit regarding their futures and how the team is assembled.

Goff has been able to prove himself as a sustainable starter in the NFL again that can accomplish things with quality players around him. The Steelers have a solid roster right now and need a quarterback who can play smart football. He is not going to wow many with his play style, but he is a smart and capable player that could be an upgrade over what Pickett is currently offering.

All of this is just conjecture right now as no one knows if Goff would even become available. Many things will need to happen, for example, a disappointing outcome to the Lions season with Goff still producing quality numbers. Another thought could be the Lions feeling the need to try and find an upgrade to get from playoff contenders to Super Bowl aspirations.