7 potential Kenny Pickett replacements if the Steelers QB continues to struggle

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All signs are pointing to Kyler Murray becoming available after the season

What is going on in the desert for the NFL? The Arizona Cardinals look to be tanking for Caleb Williams for the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Kyler Murray is working on getting healthy from an injury that has left him sidelined to start the year. It is unknown when he will be back in the lineup. That has left Josh Dobbs as the starter for now.

On top of that news, they have also traded away a few quality starters to other clubs before the regular season kicked off. Now the Cardinals are in a heap of trouble and have a rookie Head coach that might be one and done. Things are ugly in the desert right now and it seems like it could get worse if they go in a different direction at quarterback.

The writing is on the wall with Williams being the prime candidate, which could be an option for the Steelers if they fall apart. That would leave Murray as a trade candidate or someone who could be released from his expensive deal if no takers show up. Pittsburgh would welcome Murray as a starter if he was willing to settle on a reasonable price.

The Steelers need someone that is molded like the current NFL quarterback. Someone who has speed and can use their feet when needed. Murray also has a good arm that allows him to make plays in the passing game. Pickett has some of those qualities, but he is not as athletically gifted as Murray. He could be an interesting option to become available at the end of the year.