7 potential Kenny Pickett replacements if the Steelers QB continues to struggle

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Kirk Cousins has been rumored to the Steelers for a long time and could be a mentor

Many years ago, when Ben Roethlisberger retirement rumors began to surface over his twilight years, the conjecture about potential replacements came to light. One of those names was Kirk Cousins to come in and take Roethlisberger's job as he got older. That situation never materialized even though there was some steam behind that rumor.

Cousins would sign with the Vikings and be a solid starter for them since, but the biggest issue for them has always persisted. Minnesota has yet to win anything of significance in a weaker NFC now than when he initially joined the Vikings. He is now an older player in the league, but he has been consistent and able to produce quality numbers.

If Pickett is not the answer right now, will he ever be? He is already 25 years old and will be 26 by the time training camp rolls around next year. Pittsburgh has a roster that should be able to compete for playoff runs, but they might not even be able to make the post season at their current rate. Adding someone like Cousins might be a good move.

He is a free agent after this year, and it seems like Minnesota might be moving on from the aging quarterback. Cousins has been playing lights out this year thus far and the team might be trying to lose now. The Vikings could make Cousins available via trade if their current losing ways continue and they wish to get in positioning for a quarterback around the draft.