The 8 different routes the Steelers can go at quarterback in 2024

  • Steelers could stick with Pickett
  • They could get a new journeyman in Gardner Minshew
  • It's possible they could use their first-round pick to land a top QB prospect

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Steelers could turn to a backup in Mitch Trubisky

The Steelers didn’t get a great showing from Mitch Trubisky in his first start, but there could still be time for a turnaround. Brought in to be the potential short-term starter as a rookie was brought along, the Steelers cut bait with Trubisky early last season in favor of Pickett due to his respective struggles.

That didn’t end his tenure though, as Trubisky resigned in the offseason to be the backup quarterback for the next few seasons. He now has a chance to showcase some of the talent that made him a former first-round pick. Hey, if you were so gungho to say Pickett’s only issue was Canada as his offensive coordinator, you should be saying the same thing for Trubisky.

I don’t expect a Cinderella story for Trubisky, but anything is possible. If he can run the offense at the same level Pickett was, or maybe even do slightly better, then his name should be in the hat for starters next offseason. If he falls flat on his face, then this is obviously a moot point. He has the next handful of games to prove his worth to the Steelers or potentially even the rest of the league.

And for all of my Mason Rudolph supporters out there, sorry. The team clearly doesn’t like him. They gave him the smallest contract they could after burying him on the depth chart the offseason before. While the odds of Trubisky turning things around and becoming the starter are slim, Rudolph’s shot is nonexistent.