The 8 different routes the Steelers can go at quarterback in 2024

  • Steelers could stick with Pickett
  • They could get a new journeyman in Gardner Minshew
  • It's possible they could use their first-round pick to land a top QB prospect

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Steelers could trade for a quarterback

Of every option on this list, this is my least favorite route to go down. The past few offseasons have seen big quarterback trades go down. The Seahawks unloaded Russell Wilson to the Broncos, Deshaun Watson made his way to Cleveland, and Aaron Rodgers was dealt to the Jets. While the Rodgers deal isn’t fair to judge, none of these deals have been great for the team receiving the quarterback talent.

The issue once again comes down to why would a team trade a franchise quarterback away. Unless things had just gotten so sour between the player and team and there was no way to resolve the issue, the team is going to keep the star. Many a team has fallen victim to trading for another team's problem quarterback only for it to bite them.

Frankly, the best deal seems to have been the swap for the Lions and Rams a few years ago. The Rams got the quarterback that they needed to win the Super Bowl and the Lions got a lot of assets and Jared Goff, who is now playing well with a better team around him. Moves like that rarely work out.

For those clamoring for a top name like Justin Herbert to become available, keep dreaming. Instead, the most likely name on the block will be Mac Jones, but given his similarities to Pickett (low ceiling, highish floor) I would pass.

The only name that would be of interest is Justin Fields assuming that the Bears land the top pick and take a different quarterback. Even then, you would have to give up a good deal to land Fields, and he isn’t a sure player at this point. Given the risk and historical trend of quarterback trades not working out, I will pass on this option for the Steelers.