The 8 different routes the Steelers can go at quarterback in 2024

  • Steelers could stick with Pickett
  • They could get a new journeyman in Gardner Minshew
  • It's possible they could use their first-round pick to land a top QB prospect

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Steelers could take a Day 2 quarterback like Michael Pratt

The final two options are all draft routes, and if the team does opt to move on from Pickett, the draft makes the most sense. You land a quarterback in the draft and you have them on a reasonable contract for a few seasons. Like any position, there isn’t an exact science, but if you do hit, you are set. Like I said before, teams won’t let franchise quarterbacks go most of the time.

If the team still wants to try and give Pickett the benefit of the doubt/they don’t want to use their top pick in another quarterback, a day-two pick could land the job. I’ve highlighted Tulane’s Michael Pratt for this instance, but there will likely be a handful of names that you could consider at this juncture.

The benefit here is you still get a decent prospect at quarterback that wouldn’t need to start right away. If Pickett develops, you can parlay that rookie into a trade package down the road. If Pickett continues to be lackluster, you could give the day two pick a chance.

The issue comes with the success rate of day two picks at the quarterback position. In a similar vein, as developed quarterbacks enter the free agent market, teams won’t bypass a top talent at quarterback. They go in the first round or, at worst, in the top 40 picks. This means the pickings on day two usually come with some baggage.

Sure, on occasion, you can hit there, but more often than not they end up busting. The only positive this season is that the quarterback draft class seems to be filled, so that could push some names into the day two conversation.

Take Pratt for example. He has the size and frame you want in a quarterback, but he lacks the arm strength you want in an elite prospect. Tulane also isn’t a great school, so competition questions are there. He also has pocket issues similar to what Pickett suffers from.

That said if they want to use their first-round pick somewhere else, a day-two pick could be brought in to apply pressure. Pickett could still be given the opportunity to keep his job, but if his path continues, they could turn to the rookie and give him a shot.