8 potential cap-casualties that should have the Steelers salivating

Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White (27)
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In a recent post from NFL.com by Matt Okada, he outlined a handful of names from the AFC and NFC that would be logistical cut candidates this offseason. From inflated salaries to cap-needy teams, all of these names have realistic chances of being cut. For the Steelers, they should be salivating at the chance of potentially landing some of these names.

Cap casualties don’t impact the compensatory draft pick formula, which is always a good thing. As well, these players will typically sign for a discount since they have some questions regarding their play. No, Pittsburgh can’t only rely on cap casualties to fill out their roster, but they can certainly add some talent from this pending pool this offseason. Here are eight mentioned potential cap casualties that the Steelers should try and sign.

Steelers could sign Brian Allen

A few seasons ago, we were writing about the Steelers potentially adding Brian Allen to their own center room. He re-upped with the Rams though, and Pittsburgh decided to add Mason Cole to their roster instead. Now, both could realistically be cut this offseason and if both of those moves happen, Allen could be a cheap fill-in for the Steelers.

As was mentioned in the NFL article, cutting Allen saves the Rams nearly 5 million in cap space. He has been replaced by Coleman Shelton at this point, so this is almost free money. Unless the Rams feel inclined to keep him around as an expensive swing man along the interior, odds point to him hitting the open market.

If the Steelers cut Cole, they will need someone to come in and compete at center. Even if the plan is to have a rookie take over the role, you can’t go into the draft with no one on the roster at the position. Allen would be a cheap name who can start in a pinch or serve as cheap depth assuming he is cut.