8 potential cap-casualties that should have the Steelers salivating

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Steelers could sign Hunter Renfrow

The slot receiver has been an issue for the Steelers for the past few seasons. They had traded for Allen Robinson last year before the draft. He was never expected to be a huge part of the offense, but he provided a physical presence to this team. That said, his inflated salary will make him hard to keep unless he takes a significant pay cut.

It looked like, for a moment, that Hunter Renfrow was an up-and-coming slot receiver in this league. He had two strong seasons after he was drafted and exploded onto the scene in year three. The Raiders locked him up to a new deal following that success, but the past two seasons have been unkind to him. Despite playing in 27 games, he has logged less than 600 total receiving yards.

Unless the new regime in charge has a clear plan for Renfrow, he seems like an easy cut this offseason. He will save Las Vegas over 11 million in cap space. That said, Renfrow has shown some previous success, so there is a chance that he could recapture some of that success that he had in his earlier years with a new team.

While the Steelers have been more inclined to use bigger slot receivers as of late, Renfrow could fit in well in the new offense under Arthur Smith. The slot role will actually be reduced more than likely. Renfrow could recapture some of his previous success and be a more traditional slot receiver for this offense on the cheap.