8 potential cap-casualties that should have the Steelers salivating

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Steelers could sign Kenny Clark

I will be the first to admit that of every name on this list, Kenny Clark is probably the least likely to be cut outright. Could he be traded, maybe, but I would assume that some sort of restructuring or extension will be worked out. If the Packers do decide to part ways with him though to get some cap relief, the Steelers need to be all over him.

The reason he was even mentioned in the NFL.com article is due to his bloated cap hit. He counts for 27.5 million against the Packers cap right now, and designating him as a post-June cut would save them 17 million of that. In turn, they could use that money to build around Jordan Love following his promising 2023 season.

The Steelers defensive line is an absolute mess right now. While Keeanu Benton has a bright future, Cameron Heyward is on his last legs, and Larry Ogunjobi has been a disappointment since joining the defense. Clark is still in his prime and is actually coming off a career season. He would comfortably slot into a defensive end role and would thrive there.

Adding him means you likely cut Ogunjobi, so those savings could go right to his new deal if it were to happen. Having Clark would be huge, as it gives this team three great starters heading into 2023. While I assume he will stay with the Packers, if he were to be cut, Pittsburgh would be fools not to bring him in.