A cupcake start is just what Steelers need when the 2024 NFL schedule drops

The Steelers could use some help with the NFL schedule release by getting an easy start to their season.
AFC Wildcard Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wildcard Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

The NFL schedule release is just hours away, and many are wondering how the 2024 season will look. The Steelers have a ton of new faces on their team this season, and that could create an adjustment period. We will see how things develop throughout training camp and the preseason, but there could be challenges ahead for this club.

Pittsburgh has a new offensive coordinator and quarterback leading their offense. It could take a while for Arthur Smith and Russell Wilson to gel as a duo. Sometimes it takes a while for a quarterback to learn a new system, even if he has as much experience as Wilson. The Steelers could use some help with lady luck giving them an easy start to their schedule this year.

We know the team will play their division rivals twice and 11 other teams from around the league. It will be interesting to see how certain teams play to start the year compared to what their expectations are heading into the season.

The Steelers should hope for an easier start to their schedule on paper because they might need time to figure things out once the regular season starts.

The Steelers could use some help with the NFL schedule release

While looking over the upcoming opponents for the Steelers in 2024, there are some relatively easier opponents on the schedule. Those teams might be improved from last year, so it is always hard to judge a book by its cover at this juncture. Nonetheless, Pittsburgh should hope that their start to the season kicks off this way.

Let's break down one of the best-case scenarios for the team in the first four weeks of the upcoming season. Week one would be a dream going on the road and facing the Washington Commanders. They have a rookie quarterback and a team who are still struggling to find their way back to relevance. It would be on the road, but saving some home games for later in the season might be best.

Another potential game back on the road in week two against the Colts would be a good option too. Anthony Richardson is coming back from injury, but it's unknown how he will bounce back. Historically, Mike Tomlin has been great against the Colts throughout his career. Getting back-to-back road wins to start the campaign would be a great start.

I have to assume one or two divisional games will be in the first month of the schedule. This would be the first home game of the year. We check the Cleveland Browns into week three at home in this list of potentially easier starts. Cleveland should be a quality team again this year, but it's unlikely they will have as much quarterback luck as they did last year. One should assume they could regress some.

Rounding out the best outcome to start the Steelers' schedule would be another away game, but this time a return to Denver for Russell Wilson. This could create some tough stretches for Pittsburgh towards the end of the year, but they need an easy start. Wilson going back to face the Broncos would be a perfect revenge game for him. It would also check off another road game.

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