A fan's guide to defending the Pittsburgh Steelers' honor at mid-season

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The next time someone says...

"Fire Matt Canada"

You could respond by agreeing to that, but since I'm trying to be positive here, you should respond by pointing out that evidently the Steelers only need to score 17 points to win (they're 5-0 when they do so).

But hey, I get it. I''ve uttered those words myself, and sort of applauded when I saw a huge sign with those words on it being paraded about Acrisure Stadium. Later, I literally laughed out loud when I saw a "Fire Matt Canada" sign being hoisted in the background of ESPN's "Pat McAfee Show" set, in of all places, Salt Lake City! There are "Fire Matt Canada" signs everywhere now.

The Steelers' offense is so frustrating to watch sometimes, ranking 29th with an average of 16.6 points per game (and that mark actually includes a pair of defensive touchdowns). The offense averages just 1.4 touchdowns per game -- the fewest by any team outside of New York (the Jets and Giants average 1.0 touchdowns per contest).

Canada has made some terrible play calls (Houston...we had a problem going for it on fourth down and got our quarterback hurt, again) and decisions (how has rookie offensive tackle Broderick Jones not been starting all year?) in this season alone. He needs to focus on drawing up plays to get his best offensive player, WR George Pickens, the ball more. He's averaging 17.4 yards per catch, the sixth-best mark in the league, but is tied for 65th in the NFL with just 3.8 receptions per game.

Pickens also has the ability to break the game open at any time (see his team-leading three touchdowns, including his 71-yard scoring reception against Cleveland). After all, we don't want to see him pout all year like he did following the win over the Titans last Thursday night, do we?

The good news, I think, is that Canada moved out of the coach's booth and onto the field last week against the Titans. He then proceeded to call his best game of the season, so there's some hope in that.

There was a nice mix of the run (166 yards) and the pass (160), with the former being a team season-high and more rushing yards than the previous two games combined.

That type of balance will be crucial for the Steelers down the stretch.