A pair of Steelers make the list of the longest playing careers in NFL history

The Steelers had two players whose careers spanned over two decades.
Pittsburgh Steelers
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Tons of NFL legends were able to make long-lasting careers in professional football. Some sit at the top of the mountain for longer than others. Some are lucky enough to be a part of the NFL for decades, which is becoming less common in today's age.

Here's a fun look back at all those long-lasting careers, with a few Pittsburgh Steelers making the cut.

player. . 1. . Quarterback. 26 NFL Seasons. George Blanda . George Blanda . Blanda. 28

1. Longest NFL playing career: George Blanda, 26 NFL Seasons

No one in professional football had a longer career than George Blanda who played two and a half decades. That is a mind-boggling number, but he also played quarterback and kicker during his playing days. He accumulated plenty of awards like three AFL championships, and an AFL MVP, and still is tied for most touchdown passes in a game.

Blanda holds plenty of NFL records and awards that only show he not only had a long football career, but he sustained his great play throughout.

. Kicker. Morten Andersen. Morten Andersen. 25 NFL Seasons. player. 2. 15. Morten Andersen.

2. Longest NFL playing career: Morten Andersen, 25 NFL Seasons

Kickers make a ton of sense to have a longer career path than other positions in football.

Some might remember Morten Andersen as he just retired in 2008. He was 44 years old at the time. He had a legendary career as a kicker and remained consistent for the most part. He played for five teams during his 25 seasons in the NFL. Andersen holds many records and has been inducted into plenty of ring of honors, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which isn't too common for an NFL kicker.

. Kicker. Adam Vinatieri. Adam Vinatieri. 47. . player. Vinatieri. 24 NFL Seasons. 3

3. Longest NFL playing career: Adam Vinatieri, 24 NFL Seasons

We move from one kicker to another as legendary player Adam Vinatieri makes the list here.

He kicked in the NFL for only two teams over a span of 24 seasons. Vinatieri won four Super Bowls during his career and has a ton of accolades and records that he gathered like Easter eggs. Many will remember him after recently retiring in 2021. Vinatieri was one of the oldest players to ever grace an NFL field. Not only did he play long, but he was also one of the best kickers the NFL has ever seen.

. player. 23 NFL Seasons. Tom Brady. Brady. . 47. T4. Quarterback. Tom Brady

T4. Longest NFL playing career: Tom Brady, 23 NFL Seasons

Steelers fans who are reading this might hate it, but Tom Brady will probably be the best player to ever be in the NFL.

No one can deny his stats, even though he had plenty of cheating scandals surrounding his success. Brady remains one of the longest players to ever play in the NFL. He was also able to maintain a high level of play during his 23 seasons in the NFL. He won seven Super Bowls, three NFL MVPs, and plenty of other awards and records to put on his resume. Brady played at a level we may never see again.

John Carney. 13. . 23 NFL Seasons. Kicker. John Carney. player. Carney. . T4

T4. Longest NFL playing career: John Carney, 23 NFL Seasons

One of the oldest players to stick on the NFL fields was none other than John Carney. He retired at the age of 46. His career was full of success, which allowed him to stay in the NFL for 23 seasons. He played for eight teams throughout his career, including two stints with the Saints. Carney is a Super Bowl champion and was inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame.

. 23 NFL Seasons. Anderson. T4. Gary Anderson. Gary Anderson. player. Kicker. 55.

T4. Longest NFL playing career: Gary Anderson, 23 NFL Seasons

Finally, the first member of the Pittsburgh Steelers makes the list with Gary Anderson. He was a terrific kicker who had a unique style of getting the ball in between the uprights. Anderson bounced around to eight different teams throughout his NFL career that spanned 23 seasons. Most of his playing time was with the Steelers.

Anderson finished his career at 45 years old, at a time in the NFL where physicality was breathing life into the game.

player. Jeff Feagles. 7. 36. . . Punter. Feagles. 22 NFL Seasons. Jeff Feagles

7. Longest NFL playing career: Jeff Feagles, 22 NFL Seasons

Punters are people too! Jeff Feagles makes the list here as he played 22 years in the NFL. He played for five different teams during his time in the NFL and was able to win a Super Bowl. Feagles holds a couple of records which includes most consecutive games played and most punts in a career. He was one of the best punters to ever play in the NFL.

50. Jason Hanson. 21 NFL Seasons. Hanson. Jason Hanson. T8. player. Kicker. .

T8. Longest NFL playing career: Jason Hanson, 21 NFL Seasons

Can you believe the Detroit Lions used a second-round pick on a kicker?

They used that pick on Jason Hanson back in the 1992 NFL Draft. Their franchise has been the butt of many jokes, and Hanson never won anything in Detroit. He was a quality player in his position for his 21 seasons. It is a testament not only to Hanson but to the Lions as well as both were able to keep their marriage together for two decades before he retired.

. Vinny Testaverde. . 21 NFL Seasons. T8. Testaverde. Vinny Testaverde. 30. Quarterback. player

T8. Longest NFL playing career: Vinny Testaverde, 21 NFL Seasons

It makes sense for kickers and punters to make the list of longest playing careers by a player. It is nearly impossible for other positions to make this list, including quarterback. Vinny Testaverde might have been a better college player, but he did have a successful career in the NFL too. He was able to withstand 21 seasons in the professional ranks.

Testaverde never won anything of substance in the NFL, but he was able to keep his career going, which spanned across seven different teams. That includes two stints with the Jets.

Sean Landeta. Punter. . 21 NFL Seasons. player. Landeta. T8. Sean Landeta. 31.

T8. Longest NFL playing career: Sean Landeta, 21 NFL Seasons

I know what you are thinking, another punter? Yup!

Don't discount his position as Sean Landeta was a quality performer in his position for over two decades. He played three years in the USFL before jumping into the NFL. From there he played with five different teams, which included multiple stints with three of those clubs. Landeta won two Super Bowls and two USFL championships during his playing career.

. . Earl Morrall. player. 55. Morrall. Earl Morrall. T8. Quarterback. 21 NFL Seasons

T8. Longest NFL playing career: Earl Morrall, 21 NFL Seasons

Rounding out the list here with Earl Morrall, formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

His stint in Pittsburgh didn't produce much success with the Steelers as a team, but he still had decent seasons. He made a name for himself after leaving Pittsburgh which eventually got him some notoriety for his play. Morrall won three Super Bowls and an NFL championship. He was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL from the late '60s through early '70s.

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