AFC North standings have Steelers playoff chances combusting heading into Week 15

  • Cincinnati jumps into the playoff spot with their backup quarterback success
  • Nothing seems to be going right for the Steelers
  • The Ravens rule all

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Cleveland has a new lease on life as Joe Flacco turns back the clock

Another team in the AFC North has found a new lease on life after stumbling upon a quarterback. Joe Flacco is still on Cleveland's practice squad and could sign anywhere at the moment. He seems content with the Browns as he will be their starter the rest of the way, barring any unforeseen circumstances. He has been great.

Flacco is an old veteran guy, but he comes from the playing days when the quarterback would just go out there and sling it. Cleveland has been able to rally behind that play style and the gun-slinger position and make another run at the playoffs. Flacco in a Browns uniform sure takes a lot of getting used to, but he has them in second for the AFC North standings.

Cleveland's defense hasn't been as good as it was before Flacco started games, but they have been able to do just enough. Flacco has rejuvenated a stale offense and has opened up many things from a play-calling standpoint. Unless something falls apart on defense or Flacco returns down to earth, it seems like Cleveland will lock up a wildcard spot in the coming weeks.

Another opportunity for Cleveland to expand their record in a positive direction here as they host the Chicago Bears. Justin Fields is playing great football for the Bears right now, and he should be a handful for the Browns to deal with. He is the best piece Chicago has right now, and that probably won't be enough to secure a victory on the road.