AFC North standings: Steelers hold their ground in division race heading into Week 8

Steelers stand tough; Bengals find themselves further back following their bye week.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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Week seven of the NFL was another positive week for the AFC North division overall. It is now back-to-back weeks where all three teams that played a game won that weekend. There were plenty of games for those who call the north home that posed a fun game to watch. All three of the Ravens, Browns, and Steelers were able to win their games.

The standings continue to be impressive early in the year as the division race stays tight. These last ten weeks will be the deciding factor down the stretch. If these teams only get better from here, then this division will be the best in football. Many projected them to be the best group of four and these clubs are starting to show that.

The Bengals come off their bye week las in the AFC North standings

Cincinnati got to relax last weekend as their Bengals enjoyed their bye week. It was a weekend full of football that did not help their cause in the AFC North standings. After a slow start to their season, things seemed to be rounding a corner before they got the week off. Injuries posed to be a big problem for this team, and it had a trickle-down effect.

Joe Burrow is the figure here who will either help them get to the promised land or fizzle out. His calf injury looks to be back to normal and the week of rest surely helped that problem. If he can stay healthy then this team should be able to get their rhythm back on offense. That has been their biggest issue to start the year.

The Bengals seem to always struggle out the gate, but they have a great second half of the season and get back into playoff contention. That trend will continue here, and they should start off in a positive direction coming off a bye week. It won't be easy as they head to San Francisco to take on the 49ers, but if any team can beat the 49ers, it is the Bengals.