AFC North standings: Steelers hold their ground in division race heading into Week 8

Steelers stand tough; Bengals find themselves further back following their bye week.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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The Steelers continue to win even though they continue to play poorly

Another week means another tough half of football where the offense does little to nothing for the Steelers. It is amazing how this offense trends when you compare their first-half output to their second-half. That was shown again this past weekend as Pittsburgh was able to fly across the country and find a way to beat the LA Rams.

It was not pretty, but the Steelers were able to hold Matthew Stafford and their team of stars to only 17 points throughout the game. The first half was not great, but the second half showed life on offense. Maybe it's false hope, but the second half showed the black and gold lead an effective offense that got them a win.

Most will point out the failed spot at the end of the game for Pittsburgh to win the contest, but that's football. Sometimes you will get calls your way and other times they will go against you. They will hope they can get some luck on their side this week as they get ready to host the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is going to be a tough AFC matchup for the Steelers.

This is a big game as each AFC opponent from here out will have effects for playoff ramifications down the line. Pittsburgh needs to win these games so they can stick in the heart of the AFC playoff standings after the next month passes. It is going to be tough with a good Jaguars club coming to town that leads their division right now.