AFC North standings: Steelers hold their ground in division race heading into Week 8

Steelers stand tough; Bengals find themselves further back following their bye week.
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
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Baltimore is starting to separate themselves as the top team in the AFC North

Baltimore continues to show that they are the top dog in the AFC North division right now. They are a couple of fixed errors away in the Steelers game a couple of weeks ago from only losing one game this year. They have shown time and time again that they are the most consistent team in this division currently and they should continue that trend throughout their schedule.

They are coming off destroying the Detroit Lions this past weekend, which shocked most. The Lions are a good team, but Lamar Jackson is playing at a high level right now. Add that on top of a quality defense that the Ravens employ and that's a recipe for a quality club. Baltimore is in great position currently and they are flying under the radar around the NFL.

Week eight is another great opportunity for the Ravens to add to their impressive record in a positive light. They will travel to the desert of Arizona to take on the Cardinals. They are a struggling team in the NFC that will not win many football games this season. Expect the Ravens to take care of business without much concern.

Winning games in the division is what will be the determining factor for the Ravens between now and the playoffs. They will have to find ways to beat the Steelers, Browns, and Bengals down the stretch. If they can't then that might be the difference between them winning the division and potentially missing the playoff. It is a tight race for the division title right now.

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