AFC North standings see Steelers riding off a high heading into Week 13

  • The Bengals sit at a losing record
  • Things are looking up for the Steelers
  • Baltimore remains on top of the division

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Cleveland dropped a tough loss and might be without Myles Garrett

It was a tough setback on the road for Cleveland after their big win a week prior over the Steelers. They entered the weekend in second place in the AFC North standings. That has quickly fallen apart as the Browns were not able to go into Denver and take care of the Broncos. The Browns have a great defense, but their offense continues to struggle.

Without Deshaun Watson and Nick Chubb have caused their offense to break. There is only so much a coach can do, and the players are not doing great. Dorian Thompson-Robinson went out of the game early due to injury and that forced P.J. Walker back into the lineup. Neither quarterback played well when they entered the game.

Myles Garrett's health will be the big takeaway this week as he deals with a shoulder injury. If he is out the remainder of the year then Cleveland's season could be seen similar to the Bengals. No matter what players are available due to health concerns, this week will not be much easier. They will travel across the country to take on the LA Rams.

It might not be seen as the toughest opponent, but the Rams offense has been able to put up points this year, and have been better on defense. With the number of injuries currently affecting the Browns lineup, this one could be close and even a potential loss for Cleveland. Playing across the country also makes this situation tougher.