AFC North standings see Steelers riding off a high heading into Week 13

  • The Bengals sit at a losing record
  • Things are looking up for the Steelers
  • Baltimore remains on top of the division

Pittsburgh Steelers
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Baltimore remains on top of the division standings into Week 13

Right now, the Ravens hold onto the top spot in the AFC North division standings. Pittsburgh is close behind them, but Baltimore controls their destiny at the moment. They are coming off a nice victory over the LA Chargers. It was a game that saw the Ravens dominate for the most part. They have been the most consistent AFC North team to date.

Other than a couple of losses in the division, Baltimore has been able to win some contested games. Despite their winning ways, the Steelers are breathing down their necks and should be able to inch closer to the division title. If Pickett and the Steelers keep on their current trajectory from this past game then they should be able to win plenty of games down the stretch.

The Ravens have a tougher schedule overall compared to the Steelers between now and the conclusion of the regular season. That is going to make things tighter in the AFC North standings. Baltimore does get to enjoy a bye week this upcoming weekend. They get to rest and turn their focus to the following week.

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It seems that every year brings different injuries to this club, but this season has not been as tough as years prior. They are dealing with significant injuries still, but Lamar Jackson is healthy and leading them to the playoffs. There is plenty of football left, but one would imagine that the Ravens are still the favorites to win the AFC North division.