AFC North standings: Steelers stay relevant in tight standings heading into Week 10

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3rd: Cleveland remains a questionable team with their quarterback concerns

It's hard to believe that the Steelers and Browns have a similar team this season for the most part. Their quarterback play has not been great, but their outcomes of games rely on turnovers changing the outcome of the game. Both defenses have been good, but their quarterback play has held back the rest of their clubs to this point.

Cleveland is coming off a shutout victory over the poor Arizona Cardinals at home. It wasn't even a game as the Cardinals started rookie quarterback Clayton Thune. He was not able to do much, and the Browns defense was suffocating all afternoon. It resulted in a plethora of sacks and a couple of turnovers going in the Browns' direction.

The run game is what routinely saves the Browns when they are able to win football games on the offensive side of the ball. Nick Chubb might be gone, but their offensive line routinely finds ways to give their running backs opportunities to get down the field. The question mark will remain on Deshaun Watson moving forward.

Week 10 will not be an easy one for Cleveland as they will head to Baltimore in a tough AFC North matchup. The Ravens were able to win the first contest between these two earlier in the schedule, so this is must must-win for the Browns. If they have any hope of winning the division, they will need to win this game and the remainder of the division games coming up.