AFC North standings: Steelers try to keep their heads above water heading into Week 9

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages
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3rd: Cleveland Browns suffered a setback in the standings after last week

It was a tough loss last week on the West Coast for the Browns. They held a late fourth-quarter lead but could not stop the Seahawks in crunch time. It allowed for Geno Smith and company to march down the field and score a game-winner. This was another tough loss for the Browns after they seemed to be in good position to win that contest.

Each week will be the same conversation for Cleveland until they get a definitive answer this year. Who will be their starting quarterback? Deshaun Watson is hurt, but he has not played well since getting injured. P.J. Walker is a journeyman who has been playing well since getting the nod to start. That magic does seem to be wearing off some.

The Browns cannot realistically imagine Walker being a quarterback who leads them to the playoffs this year. He has been good enough, but that trend will likely fall to the wayside. They are like the Steelers in that they hope their defense keeps them in games that they will not try to lose on their own. It cost them a couple of contests thus far.

Week 9 will bring the Arizona Cardinals to town. It should be an easy win this week for Cleveland -- no matter if Watson or Walker starts at quarterback. This should allow them to stay in the heat of the divisional race in front of them for now. The biggest concern is whether they will be able to keep pace with their question at the most important position in football.