AFC North standings Week 4: Steelers rise to the top of the division

Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers, Steelers / Chris Unger/GettyImages
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It was an overall success for most of the AFC North teams that call the division home. Three out of the four clubs left the stadium with a win and kept this tough division close. Things will continue to get tight as the season progresses as each of the four teams have playoff potential. It is going to be fun to watch how the division shakes out going forward.

Heading into Week four of the year, the standings could not be any more jumbled. The Steelers are on top followed by the Ravens then Browns and finally the Bengals. Things around the NFL change in a hurry, which you can see in this article series week by week. A lot of football left to play, and these clubs will be looking to finish at the top of the division race.

Cincinnati finally got a win but Joe Burrow's injury is a problem

The Bengals were finally able to win their first game of the season and it wasn't pretty. Joe Burrow played through a calf injury and still seemed hindered. His ability to get past that injury or learn to deal with it moving forward will directly impact Cincinnati's chances moving forward. This upcoming game will be another road test, but it is a winnable game.

Cincinnati must find a way to stay above water as Burrow tries to get back to form. He has not been able to get there this season yet, and every team in the AFC North hopes that he does not. The Tennessee Titans pose a different style of opponent, but one that the Bengals should be able to beat when they are healthy. It will be interesting to see if Burrow can finally get his offense clicking.