Antonio Brown creates the most awkward situation imaginable for his players

Steelers, Antonio Brown
Steelers, Antonio Brown / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Brown has not given up on his football playing career. Despite the fact that he's burned every bridge possible in the NFL, the former Pittsburgh Steelers star refuses to stay out of the spotlight. That's why Brown is taking matters into his own hands.

Brown, the primary owner of the Albany Empire, claims that he will now play for his own Area Football League team, Robert Wyland of WNYT News reports:

According to Wyland, Brown plans to suit up and play for the Empire as soon as their next home game on May 27th. The former Steelers receiver was on a Hall of Fame pace before sabotaging his career with a laundry list of incidents -- including run-ins with the law.

Antonio Brown is creating an uncomfortable situation for his players

Now that Brown has come to the realization that his NFL career is officially over, he will now create perhaps the most awkward dynamic between an owner and his players in all of sports by suiting up and playing for his own team.

What's going to happen if he doesn't get the ball enough? What will he say to his quarterback if and when he makes a few bad throws? Brown obviously has a history of letting his emotions run high and he has no issue with causing a ruckus.

Imagine the intense pressure of being one of the players for the Albany Empire. Not only do you have to worry about pleasing the owner with your performance; but now you also have to appease Brown and cater to him on the football field.

This isn't guaranteed to go poorly. Perhaps Brown will find fulfillment just in getting back on the field. But knowing what we do about him, that seems unlikely, and it's only a matter of time before this whole situation blows up in his face.

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The decision to play for his own arena team comes just weeks after a report surfaced that Brown was late paying his players their game checks. The Pittsburgh Steelers knew when it was time to give up on Antonio Brown. Now Antonio Brown needs to know when it's time to give up his football playing career. This is going to be awkward.