Athletic freaks from the NFL Combine the Steelers must draft

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The NFL is becoming a fast-paced game, and while elite athleticism isn’t necessary for all positions, it can give players an edge. The Steelers don’t always need dynamic athletes along the defensive line, but adding a player with elite traits makes sense this year. This defense needs a big infusion of talent, and some athleticism and talent along the line would be a huge help.

The combine is naturally the best time to see a player's athletic traits on display. It is an entire week dedicated to athletic testing and measurements, and the Steelers are always keying in on prospects here. The defensive line saw some great prospects show insane athleticism, and they would be wise adds in the draft. Here are four defensive linemen who should be on the Steelers radar after the combine.

4. Zacch Pickens warrants a look from Steelers

Zacch Pickens is a name that has seemingly been cast aside by a lot of Steelers fans. While we focus on some of the top names, many expected Pickens to be a force when he entered college. Inconsistencies marred his game, but when he was on and focused, he was one of the most disruptive defensive linemen in the game.

He tested extremely well, both as an athlete and just as a physical prospect. He has long arms which allow him to make contact early and he has the speed and power to shed blockers and disrupt plays. He was more of a nose tackle in college, and while he may start there in the NFL, I do believe he would be best suited to move to more of an end spot in the Steelers defense.

If the team misses out on the first wave of notable names, Pickens could be the target in the third or fourth round to secure some depth with potential. While his inconsistencies are frustrating, he is a fun player to watch when on it. There will be a pretty big transitional window, but Pickens has all of the traits to be a good lineman for the Steelers.