Athletic freaks from the NFL Combine the Steelers must draft

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2. Keeanu Benton could wear a lot of hats for the Steelers

It is no great secret that the Steelers have some interest in Keeanu Benton out of Wisconsin, as the team reportedly told him that he was on their radar. It isn’t hard to see why, as he is one of the best run pluggers in this draft and tested as a better-than-expected athlete. He certainly didn’t hurt his cause while at the Combine.

Benton would be a plug-and-play nose tackle if drafted. It was the position he saw the most work at in school and it is where he would project the best right away as a pro. He has the strength to hold the middle of the line up and the power to take on double teams. His floor seems to be an average nose tackle in the NFL.

Given his size and length, he could transition to an end eventually, but he needs to prove himself as a pass rusher. He had no clear plan there in school and it showed. If he can convert that strength into a capable bull rush, he could work elsewhere on the Steelers defensive line. At worst though, he gives the defense a capable run-stopper and an upgrade at nose tackle.