Best case schedule scenarios for Steelers in 2024

Here are five things we would love to see on the Steelers' 2024 schedule.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens
Pittsburgh Steelers v Baltimore Ravens / Patrick Smith/GettyImages

The 2024 NFL schedule is about to drop and fans from all 32 teams will be interested to see when their favorite team will be playing in primetime, when their bye week will be, and when their toughest matchups will come. Last year, there were a few things we would have changed about the Pittsburgh Steelers' schedule.

Pittsburgh was forced to take their bye early in Week 6, and they had a daunting opening matchup against the San Francisco 49ers. This year, we are hoping for much more favorable scheduling scenarios.

We've known since January 9th which teams Pittsburgh will be facing during the 2024 season, but we don't know the order of the games. Here are the best scheduling scenarios for the Steelers this year.

Steelers best-case schedule scenarios:

Steelers get warmup games in Weeks 1-4

In 2022, the Steelers started the season 2-2, and both of their losses were humiliating blowouts (against the 49ers and Texans). This time around, it would be nice to face some of their easiest opponents while the new-look Steelers roster is still trying to mesh and develop chemistry.

Playing teams like the Falcons, Broncos, Raiders, and Commanders early in the season could help Pittsburgh jump out to a divisional lead in the AFC North and give them enough time to build momentum heading into the middle of the season.

Steelers get a mid-season bye week

Last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers were forced to take their bye during Week 6. While this gave them time to go back to the drawing board and work on their weaknesses, it also meant that Pittsburgh had to play 12 straight games to close the 2023 season without a break. That included a 13th straight game in the playoffs.

A mid-season bye would be ideal. Though there's a chance we could be asking for this earlier if they struggle to begin the year, it's more important to have fresh legs and healthier players if they are to enter the postseason this year.

Steelers host Ravens and Bengals late in the season

If the Steelers can poach a few divisional road wins, they could have the upper hand late in the season. Hosting their biggest rivals like the Ravens and Bengals late in the year would give them a significant advantage if the division looks squared away. The crowd at Acrisure would be amped up, as would Mike Tomlin's players.

Steelers host Giants in Week 18 season finale

For once, it would be nice to see the Steelers play a cupcake game in the season finale that could allow them to rest their players entering the postseason (which is the goal). Pittsburgh hasn't played a non-divisional game in the finale since 2009, and it's unlikely to happen this year.

More often than not, the Steelers typically get the Browns in the final week of the season. If there is something on the line at this point and they need a win to get into the tournament, it would be nice to host a team like the New York Giants to help vault them into the playoffs in Week 18.

Steelers play the Cowboys in primetime

For how big these two markets are, I'd be surprised if the Steelers and Cowboys didn't play each other in primetime this year. Some are hoping this is the Christmas Eve matchup. These two teams only get to play each other once every four years, and this contest is sure to draw a crowd with two of the biggest fan bases in sports.